The Complete Social Media Checklist

The Complete Social Media Checklist

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are some of the most popular social networking sites on the web.

Create a Social Media Checklist and this will helps create focus areas, define KPIs, write content, analyze campaigns, design graphics, pull analytics and many more. Sometimes we all question ourselves, whether we’re missing an important task?

Checklists are Essential

Checklists help to keep you on track and organized, assure that you don’t miss something in the process, maintain consistency, assign tasks to the rest of your marketing team and ensure that they are also getting their work done.

This checklist divides all responsibilities into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. It also defines the best practices for each social media site. The social media marketing checklist aids in task prioritization and consistency in social media strategy.

Daily checks

  1. Check & reply to comments and questions
  2. Find your brand mentions online & react to them
  3. Review & comment on influencers post
  4. Explore industry news & hot topics
  5. Discover trending hashtags
  6. Research industry related keywords & threads
  7. Research what your competitors are posting
  8. Update your posting calendar

Weekly checks

  1. Capitalize on competitors best performing posts
  2. Track the results on on-going campaigns
  3. Boost well performing posts
  4. Synchronize with other team goals and upcoming activities
  5. Create a posting schedule for the week

Monthly Checks

  1. Identify your months successes based on stats & adjust your strategy
  2. Analyze your competitors’ social strategies
  3. Compare your performance against competitors
  4. Research upcoming industry news & events
  5. Brainstorm new ideas

Quarterly Checks

  1. Review & evaluate the last quarter KPIs
  2. Conduct audience analysis to check your targeting
  3. Make sure your brand image is consistent across all social channels
  4. Set your goals for the next quarter

Social Media Marketing Tools

  1. Social Blade – Free tool
  2. Buffer – Free version available/Pro Plan $15/Month
  3. Buzzsumo – Free trials available/Pro Plan $99/Month
  4. HootSuite – Free version available/Professional Plan Rs. 1260/Month
  5. Iconosquare – Free trials available/Starter Plan $9/Month
  6. Sprout Social – Free trials available/Standard Plan $99 Per User Per Month
  7. SocialPilot – Free trials available/ Small Team Plan $41.66/Month


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